Horror Story

First Session

The game began as the characters were summoned to Fort Bones, a military outpost headed by the Captain of Bones, a dwarf named Berre Stonefist, who commanded over thirty-odd living mercenaries and loyal Karrnathi milittary men, as well as one-hundred walking Karrnathi skeletons.

Alexander Crestwell was sent to the fort at the behest of Berre, who was an old friend and mentor to the halforc in his younger years.

Gavin d’Cannith, a house artificer from the dragonmarked house Cannith, had been sent to the fort a few weeks prior to aid in new modifications and fortifications being made to the fort. He was given command over two men, dumb brothers named Tim and Tom.

Luke Gavis is a member of the Karrnathi military and has been posted at the fort for some time now. He is a State Necromancer, an officer who is in charge of the upkeep of the country’s undead soldiers.

Roland Voaven and his tiger companion Yuriel joined the contingent at the fort looking for a way to escape enemies within the dragonmarked house Vadalis.

The party came together under the command of Pamorai, a Bone Knight and second in command under the Captain of Bones. He was rude and cruel for seemingly no reason, but he would soon be missed.

In Alexander’s meeting with Berre, it was also brought to light that a few months ago, an attempt had been made on her life; the attempt failed, but the assassin got away and Berre’s two living bodyguards, Edrick and Farcey, were slain. Berre had them raised to act as her bodyguards even into death.

Luke found a thumb in the rear of one of the skeletons.

The first night the party stayed at Fort Bones together, the fort was attacked. Out of an eerie mist came a wave of zombie dinosaurs ridden by halflings, who were soon revealed to be lycanthropic in nature. The force was able to beat back any defenses brought forth by the party or their comrades, and as the battle unfolded, now moved from the outside to inside the walls of the fort, the Karrnathi skeletons were suddenly out of the control of the State Necromancers. Two other beings within the fray, dark figures wreathed in green and violet light respectively, seemingly took control of the skeletons and sent them against the would-be defenders. Finally, after a significant force of the mercenaries had been slain, and with the appearance of the leader of the horde, another halfling astride a tyrannosaurs-rex, the party fell back to Berre as directed by Pamorai, who stayed behind in an attempt to fend off the enemies baring down.

The party entered the captain’s study in time to see the unthinkable: her two raised bodyguards slaying her with spear and sword. When the act was complete, the zombies turned on the party. The battle was hard fought, but the party pulled through. Afterwards, they noticed another one of the State Necromancers within the study, Nath Dyer, but with the sudden appearance of a spectral messenger from Pamorai telling the party of his fall and their need to flee, little was done with the necromancer.

Using his prior knowledge of the the fort, Gavin was able to uncover a secret entrance out of the study and underground headed North-West. Triggering an explosion to block their exit, Roland was dealt serious damage and was knocked unconscious as the party proceeded down a dark stairwell and into darkness.


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